The medical travel process


Our process is broken down into six simple steps.  We want to keep the process of medical tourism as simple as possible while still paying attention to the necessary detail. We consider it to be our (Treatment in Poland) job to guide you through the individual steps.


1. Case Assessment

The first step in our process is you establishing contact with Treatment in Poland.

You can contact us using our Contact Form or our Call Back Service.

Simply describe what you are looking for, what diagnosis you have received and anything else you need to share. Also, if you are using email or our call back service, please tell us how you would like to be contacted and at what time.

We are committed to calling you back within 24 hours.

In our initial contact phase we will review your medical condition with you, ask general questions about your expectations, requirements, and preferences and start initiating the first planning steps.

2. Obtain a Quote


Based on the initial information we have gathered we will make a preliminary offer and provide you with a selection of surgeons and hospitals.


This will usually happen within 24-48 hours after the previous case assessment. At this time, a dedicated case manager will be assigned to you personally who will continue to guide you through the process.


It is the case manager's responibility to keep you informed so you can make educated decisions about your trip and treatment.


At this stage we will decide together, if we should move on.


3. Medical Review


In this phase, we will work with you to collect your medical history and diagnosis (in your local language), any radiology imaging available, as well as any treatment recommendations from your physician (if they exist). Your data will be reviewed by a physician followed by initial suggestions for the next steps.


Should you decide to move on, we will put together a complete treatment plan for you within 24 hours.

Of course all your data is treated with total confidentiality.  

Should you accept the plan we will discuss preferred dates for your Journey.


4. Trip Planning


After the medical review is completed we will be able to provide you with a complete package quote. This will contain all the costs of the trip including travel, accommodation, treatment, rehab, family, any additional trips, etc.

Most commonly this final quote is very close to the priliminary quote you have received, unless the medical review reveals something we did not take into consideration in the beginning.  


Once you give us green light, we will put everything in action and you will receive your complete and final journey plan and travel itinerary. The plan outlines every step along the way.

5. Receive Treatment

Once you arrive at your destination a representative of Treatment in Poland will already be expecting you. On the way to the hotel or hospital we will review your data and reconfirm that we have everything correct. You will meet your surgeon and the anesthesiologist (where applicable) the day before. If additional tests are required, they will be conducted at this time.

We will be there to support you and answer any questions.

After your procedure we will visit you as soon as you are willing to receive visitors. We are also in close contact with the surgeon and provide an update to your family back at home, should you want us to do this.

As soon as the surgeon and you are comfortable with it you will be dismissed to one of our partner hotel, which should provide you with a more comfortable atmosphere. Despite the fact that most of our hospitals are very modern, it is still a hospital and the atmosphere of a hotel may be more conducive to healing.

Despite being out of the hospital you will receive nursing care on a regular basis to check on wound healing and your general health condition. Your surgeon will also be checking on you. On top of all this Treatment in Poland representative will be available for you at any time, day and night, in case there are any questions.


6. After Care


There are two aspects to after care: While you are still in Poland and when you are back at home:

While you are still in Poland
Depending on your procedure, you may want to take advantage of the well established physical therapy centers in Poland. We are happy to plan this according to your needs and requirements of the surgery you have received.


When you are back at home
While it is very unlikely that you will develop any complications when you are back at home, we still want to make sure that this eventuality is covered.

In the event of mild complications, we will recommend a surgeon in your area. This surgeon has been interviewed by us and deemed to be supportive of your medical travel.

If your complications are severe (very unlikely) we will arrange treatment for you back in Poland, should the condition permit, or in your home country.

If the complication is obviously related to the treatment we will cover the costs of the corrective treatments.


Should ou still have questions, please try the following:

Contact us by clicking here.
Have us call you back by clicking here.
Go to our Frequently Asked Questions section by clicking here.